Work On Your Swimming Skills with the Best Yourswimlog

All of us, who are into swimming, are well aware of the difficulties that we face. There are injuries, breathing faults, accidents and many more. This log book will help you in your swimming journey, so much so, that you will start treating it as your coach.

Today, we will find out more about Swimmer’s shoulder

You must be familiar with the term, right? All those who are into competitive swimming have suffered this injury to their shoulder joint, at some point or the other. During swimming, we rotate our arms numerous times and that results in the swimmer’s shoulder. This kind of injury and the pain associated with it, can last up to 3 weeks. However, the pain lingers even longer.

Yourswimlog will tell you how to avoid and treat it

One, of the main areas where we falter is posture. We do not maintain a perfect body posture, both inside and outside the water. This is very essential for swimmers. When not swimming, we sit slouched at our desk; we always ask for back support in chairs and also sleep like we are still in our mother’s womb. All this affects our performance under water.

yourswimbook tells you how you can avoid being a victim of this injury. Firstly, always sleep on your back that is a prerequisite. The arms should be placed at the right position that is beside the body. This will give them the rest, they deserve.

Perform exercises with the foam roller. It will give a very good exercise for your middle and upper spinal cord. Then, comes your cuffs. Give them the exercise they deserve. They also have a very important role to play in swimming.

You can get much such advice from the log and practice those to perfect your sport. You will only get better!