Travel to Australia with Australia ETA

 Australia is a beautiful place to travel to and also the world’s sixth largest continent. To travel to any country out of one’s home town, a person must have a valid passport and that respective country’s visa to enter it. But a visa is not needed for all nationals. But with the introduction of Australia ETA, travel to Australia these days are made faster and quicker. The Australia ETA service helps a person to get the application for visa Australia.

What is Australia ETA and who can apply for it?

Australia ETA or electronic travel authority is an authorization for some nationals to travel to Australia. It is a short term visa for anyone who wants to go to Australia for a particular purpose like a conference, course, etc. A person can travel to Australia without a visa. However there are some terms and conditions one is entitled to while applying for visa Australia:

  • A person should know the purpose of applying for www eta immi gov au
  • It is valid for a period of three months
  • The person should be free from any disease like tuberculosis
  • A person cannot work while he has ETA

How to apply for Australian visa – procedures and documents required

To be eligible for electronic travel authorization, he must be outside Australia. The following documents are required for ETA online:

  • A valid passport
  • Credit card
  • Email address

When applying for an online ETA for Australia, the person must fill all his details exactly as per the passport. The fee for applying is paid with the help of a credit card. A copy of Australia ETA is sent to the applicant via email. The applicant must carry his passport and Australia visa when travelling to Australia. Hence, if the person is planning to travel to Australia, he can apply of the electronic travel authority.