Rice University Class Ring: The Old Tradition but Novel Styles

Every graduating student has a bondage with its university, and bondage with its past, present and future students. Alumnus is an association of former students of the university and those who graduate thereafter every year. Alumni association is a way to develop a bond between all erstwhile students forever in lifetime. The graduating students in any year become member of alumni association and hold annual event to meet at a get-together. The tradition of alumni associations was created long time back and it progressed due to students’ passion of participation. Alumni meetings are most exciting for every member across the globe.

Rice University Class Ring annual event

Rice University is one of the oldest universities in Texas, United States, established in 1912. Its first graduating class was in 1916 when its alumni tradition was launched. The Rice University Class Ring annualevent was started to celebrate student’s accomplishment. The Association of Rice Alumni is motivating force behind this tradition that organize this annual event in association with Rice university administration. This event is celebrated with great passion and it represents student’s alumni status.

Rice Class Ring

Objective of a Class Ring

A class ring is a grad or graduation ring which is worn by the graduating student and alumni to commemorate their university graduation. The ring events are also famous in High School alumni. The ring of Rice alumni is a Rice Class Ring which is worn by a graduating student to mark his or her success in a particular class. Rice University alumni is maintaining this tradition for many years and more students are participating in this event every year.


The Ring is characterized by precious RingWraps that are carved in many different designs and metals and stones, to add elegant touch to the Ring. These are customized based on student’s finger size and design someone would love to wear. The tradition is same but tastes have changed that have carved the Rings in new style.