Overview of the welcoming ceremony of Rice University



Every University comes with its own traditions and the tradition of Rice University is surely an eye-catcher.This University has maintained its hundred years of tradition and has deeply entrenched this tradition into the lives of the students and the Institution.There are several traditions which commence in Rice University starting from owl tradition and class ring.


Freshman welcoming

From the point when the process of Rice freshman starts this university participates in the longest running and extraordinary traditions. Near about 100 years, this university hasmade it students walkthrough archway for making their beginning in their journey of being the rice students and with every emerging year’s new traditions are getting added to it.

In this tradition, every person should move in one direction into academic quadrangle as they matriculate and one should never pass through the Sallyport. It is one of the oldest practices of this university and the President who will stand inside Sallyport during the matriculation will offer handshakes along with words for welcoming the incoming freshman.


Edgar Odell Lovett, who is the first president of Rice University, always appreciated the idea of having residential colleges for promoting self-governance. He also came with the idea of developing a system where every student irrespective of their backgrounds, majors or ages will live together. In RiceUniversity, the residential college concept is one of the most appreciated traditions. It also enables them to create a very strong bonding among various colleges and the students also got several opportunities to bond with the members of their own university or target rival colleges.

Rice University is filled with several traditions and among them,rice university ring is anotable one. One can also encounter the rice class ring at this university.