Know All About Handicapping or Hand-In-Cap-Ing


The world of sports is a frequently running marathon, with records and numbers always battling with uncertainties while mingling its fans’ adrenaline and hopes.

While watching sports is more than an entertainment for us, the other form of entertainment associated to the same is gambling your chances and hopes into money. Why wouldn’t you if you know your game?

If you have complete trust in your favourite and its performances, and your analysis is up to mark, then why not take your chance and earn something out of it? After all chances and probabilities is fair game even in the sports world.


What is handicapping? Splitting the term, you may note the word, ‘hand-in-cap’. It refers to the popular way of collecting money, cash or bets in a cap by a neutral arbitrator while the audience or the wagers bet on their money.

Following the same policy of sports picks, there are numerous handicappers around us that will not only help us to analyse the stats but also advise us what is good and what is not. Now if you are placing bet against or in favour of a sports team, the first step is to analyse the team’s performances, the statistics of its past accomplishments and that of its competitors.

The complete analysis gives you a memo of who is the leader, the runners and the obvious winners and losers. These mild predictability patterns and hunches are what leads to chances while you gamble your Sports Handicapper.

World of handicappers

There are many handicappers out there who do the work on behalf of us and help us out. They relieve our tasks to a farther extent while assuring our placement of bets and picks. We get to subscribe to certain magazines, blogs and other sports picking services.

These services conduct researches and analysis using unique sports picking based systems based on stats, and power ratings. One such service provider is sports handicapper that covers NBA, college football events, NFL Football picks and has over 400,000 subscribers.