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If you are traveling to a foreign country, one of the most important thing which you require is a visa. In order to confirm the entry of your journey to the foreign country, you require another document known as the ETA or the Electronic travel Authority.

This kind of a document is the entry pass for you when you land on a foreign land airport in order to make you enter the country without any hesitation. Same happens when you travel to Australia. Before travelling to Australia, you must have your Australia ETA ready so that you can show your travel documents at the airport checking counters and enter the country without any fuss.

Who is eligible for an Australia ETA?

An ETA is a document which is required by people who fulfils the following terms

  1. The person holds a passport and is travelling from Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea etcetera.
  2. A person who is travelling to Australia for the purpose of vacation, business trip, visiting family and friends, exhibitions, events etcetera.
  3. A person who stays not more than 3 months.
  4. A person who currently holds no visa Australia.

Where can you get this from?

This kind of a journey document can only be filled online and it is to be noted that all the information once fed into the systems cannot be changed in the later stages of the procedure. So it is advised to carefully fill up all the important segments of the form and submit the forms accordingly into the respective online service portals.

How to apply for an ETA?

In order to fill up the forms, all you need to do is provide all the personal details of yourself and the people travelling with you, provide all the details of your stay, the duration and place of stay, provide the reference information as to whom to contact if you are unavailable. Upon agreeing to all the terms and conditions and upon paying the sum of money for the form, you shall be entitled to fly to Australia and will thus be allowed to enter the country.